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Even though the majority of Floridians voted in 2014 to allow patients access to marijuana medicinally by a vote of 58% to 42%, Amendment 2 required 60% support to pass. Nevertheless, it was the third highest medical use vote ever recorded in America. Together we can change the law -- here is the new Medical Marijuana petition. Get involved and make a difference.

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Florida's Amendment 2, which would have legalized medical marijuana, fell short of the 60% support required to allow citizens to amend the constitution by popular referendum. feature_image2
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By engaging FCC420.com, you will gain exclusive access to our proprietary web site, which will post ongoing advisories to the likely rules and regulations. We'll keep you abreast of what other states have done and what Florida is doing. feature_image1
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As the chairman of the Board of Directors of NORML, Norm Kent has become influential and familiar with the enactment of dispensary laws in 20 states. feature_image3


Florida Judge Rejects Challenge to CBD Medical Marijuana Licenses

If you remember the movie “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”, you will recall how children all over the world were clamoring to receive one of the five coveted Golden Tickets that were being hidden inside candy bars by the reclusive Mr. Wonka.  Florida’s High-CBD marijuana dispensary system is turning out to be a lot […]

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Broward County Civil Citation Program for Cannabis Still Not Implemented

Recently, I wrote about how Palm Beach County Sheriff, Ric Bradshaw, has put the brakes on that county’s civil citation law for minor marijuana possession.  Residents of neighboring Broward County have also yet to see the implementation of the civil citation law passed in that county. Nearly six months have passed since the Broward County […]

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Palm Beach County Sheriff Puts the Brakes on Pot Decriminalization

In 2015, Palm Beach county joined Broward and Miami-Dade counties in pass an ordinance that would make possession of less than 20 grams of cannabis a civil infraction rather than a criminal offense.  This law would allow people caught with small quantities of pot to pay a $100 fine in lieu of facing criminal charges.  […]

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Gov. Scott Signs Expansion of Medical Marijuana Bill in Florida

This past Friday, Governor Rick Scott signed a bill which would expand Florida’s narrow medical marijuana law.  The bill, which was already approved by the Senate and House of Representatives, will now become a law. The new law increases the number of people who would qualify for medical marijuana to include those persons suffering from […]

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US Supreme Court Rejects Challenge to Colorado Recreational Pot Legalization

The US Supreme Court declined to hear a case brought by the State’s of Nebraska and Oklahoma which sought to challenge Colorado’s legalization of recreational cannabis.  That suit asserted that Colorado’s neighboring states were being harmed by legal pot which was being purchased in Colorado and brought across the border into those states.  By declining […]

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