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The Florida Supreme Court has issued a ruling placing medical marijuana on the November general election ballot. We provide our clients with some definitive answers to general questions that you may have should the initiative pass. While many of the rules have yet to be drafted, a number are set out in the proposed amendment.

            Medical Marijuana           
If the proposed constitutional amendment passes by at least 60 percent of the vote, state health officials will have to develop rules and regulations to provide residents a means to acquire marijuana medicinally. feature_image2
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By engaging FCC420.com, you will gain exclusive access to our proprietary web site, which will post ongoing advisories to the likely rules and regulations. We'll keep you abreast of what other states have done and what Florida is doing. feature_image1
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As the chairman of the Board of Directors of NORML, Norm Kent has become influential and familiar with the enactment of dispensary laws in 20 states. feature_image3


Reefer Madness Redux: Florida Anti-Pot Group Claims Medical Marijuana Leads To Date Rape

They say that desperate times demand desperate measures.  That old saying is proving to be true as anti-cannabis groups in Florida find themselves squaring off against unprecedented support for legal medical marijuana within the state. In a new ad campaign, a group known as “No On 2″ (with the help of funding from billionaire casino […]

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Marijuana Entrepreneurs Object to Restrictive Charlotte’s Web Rules

As I reported last week, the Florida Department of Health has proposed new rules which impose further limitations on the already restrictive rules for dispensaries established by Florida’s Charlotte’s Web law. At a hearing held in Tallahassee on July 7th, a group of cannabis entrepreneurs packed the public hearing and spoke out against the rules.  […]

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Florida Drafts Additional Rules for Charlotte’s Web Dispensaries

I have previously posted an article detailing the rather stringent requirements that must be met to qualify as a “dispensing organization” under the newly enacted Charlotte’s Web law.  Included in the laundry list of requirements are rules that limit the applicants to those with 30 or more years of continuous operation as a licensed nursery, […]

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Florida Cannabis Consultants Featured In Sun Sentinel

Norm Kent of Flordia Cannabis Consultants was recently featured in an article that appeared in the Sun Sentinel.  The article focused on numerous entrepreneurs who are hopeful to cash in on Medical Marijuana if and when it arrives in the State of Florida. Mr. Kent offered a much needed dose of reality to those who […]

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Don’t Get Fooled By Medical Marijuana Scams!

It is often said that Florida is a sunny place for shady people.  Unfortunately, our state has been home to every type of scammer, con-man and snakeoil salesmen imaginable. So, it should come as no surprise that the medical marijuana “Green Rush” is bringing all types of questionable opportunities out of the woodwork.  In order […]

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