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The Florida Supreme Court has issued a ruling placing medical marijuana on the November general election ballot. We provide our clients with some definitive answers to general questions that you may have should the initiative pass. While many of the rules have yet to be drafted, a number are set out in the proposed amendment.

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If the proposed constitutional amendment passes by at least 60 percent of the vote, state health officials will have to develop rules and regulations to provide residents a means to acquire marijuana medicinally. feature_image2
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By engaging FCC420.com, you will gain exclusive access to our proprietary web site, which will post ongoing advisories to the likely rules and regulations. We'll keep you abreast of what other states have done and what Florida is doing. feature_image1
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As the chairman of the Board of Directors of NORML, Norm Kent has become influential and familiar with the enactment of dispensary laws in 20 states. feature_image3


Troubles Continue For Implementation of Florida “Charlotte’s Web” Law

Last year, when the Florida Legislature passed a law allowing patients to receive “low-THC/high-CBD” strains of cannabis, there was some hope that the State’s prohibition against medical marijuana was starting to crack.  After Gov. Rick Scott signed that measure into law, the Department of Health was charged with establishing guidelines for the dispensing of high-CBD […]

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Florida Gives Out More Marijuana Citations Than Any Other State

This past November, Floridians were a scant 1.5% short in the vote to legalize medical  marijuana.  But don’t let that fool you into thinking that the sunshine state is weed friendly.  Au contraire, mon frere. A recent multi-state study has shown that Floridians are cited for marijuana possession at a higher rate than residents of […]

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Florida Senator Files New Medical Marijuana Bill

When Amendment 2 fell just short of achieving the necessary 60% voter approval this past November, Floridians narrowly missed the opportunity to bring medical marijuana to the state.  But the 58% who voted for the measure sent a message that was loud and clear:  “A vast majority of Floridians wanted access to medical cannabis”. Well, […]

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Florida Judge Stirkes Down Proposed Charlotte’s Web Rules

A Florida Administrative Judge has rejected a portion of Florida’s proposed Charlotte’s Web rules and has required that the Department of Health revise them.  The specific rule that was rejected was one that imposes a lottery system to select amongst qualified applicants, rather than a system based upon the merit of the competing applicants. The […]

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AG Eric Holder is “Cautiously Optimistic” About Legalized Marijuana

One of the most stress inducing facts about being involved in a medical marijuana business is that, despite the reform of numerous State laws, cannabis remains completely illegal under Federal law.  Due to that conflict, medical marijuana patients, doctors, caregivers and dispensaries are constantly under the looming threat of Federal law enforcement action. But in […]

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