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FORTUNE Magazine Cover; Marijuana Inc.

In April of 2013, FORTUNE Magazine published an eye opening article featuring the entrepreneurs and investors sparking up a new industry in America.
Here it is, courtesy of

If the notion of a legal cannabis industry is new to you, and you’re wondering about public sentiment toward the reform of marijuana laws, we suggest also perusing the public feedback on a recent Washington Post opinion piece titled “GOP should stand firm against drug legalization”. Read more …

Fortune Magazine

Legalized marijuana — Buy it, sell it, just don’t teach them how to grow it

It may be called weed, but marijuana is legendarily hard to grow.

Now that the drug has been made legal in Washington and Colorado, growers face a dilemma. State-sanctioned gardening coaches can help folks cultivate tomatoes or zucchini, but both states have instructed them not to show people the best way to grow marijuana. The situation is similar in more than a dozen additional states that allow people to grow the drug with medical permission.

That’s leaving some would-be marijuana gardeners looking to the private sector for help raising the temperamental plant. Read more …

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