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Medical Marijuana is Officially on the 2016 Ballot in Florida!!


Earlier today, United for Care announced that over 683,149 signatures had been collected allowing the medical marijuana initiative to be placed November, 2016 election ballot in Florida.

The initiative will be labeled as “Amendment 2” and will allow voters a second chance to approve the medical use of cannabis after a similar measure fell just short of passing in 2014.

Now its time to get to work and encourage everyone you know to turn out and vote for a much needed change to our archaic drug laws.

Broward County Moves Forward With Decriminalization

Last November, the Broward County Commission passed a measure that would give police officers the discretion to treat possession of small amounts of cannabis as a civil infraction rather than a criminal offense.  This measure would allow for the payment of a small civil  fine in lieu of criminal prosecution and could save offenders from getting a criminal record.

The county has now begun to move forward with implementing the new law, and have set aside $174,859 for the measure, including money to hire a person to coordinate the program.

While the new measure isn’t perfect, it marks a much needed step towards ending the needless and wasteful prosecution of cannabis users.