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DEA Keeps It’s Head in the Sand — Refuses to Reschedule Cannabis

Despite the overwhelming shift in the way cannabis is viewed in this County, the DEA has again refused to remove it from Schedule I.  As you are probably aware, Schedule I is for drugs that have a “high potential for abuse” and “no accepted medical use”.  Even drugs like morphine and cocaine are placed in lower schedules.

At the urging of former governors from Rhode Island and Washington, the DEA agreed to reconsider the placement of cannabis in the most restrictive schedule.  However, a rescheduling was ultimately rejected, despite the fact that medical use of cannbis is supported by volumes of medical evidence and enjoys majority support all across the country.

The DEA did agree to expand research into medical marijuana, which is encouraging, but to continue placing pot in Schedule I, along with drugs like heroin and peyote, shows that the DEA has failed to read the writing on the wall.

Myopia in the Manors – FCC420’s Norm Kent Responds to Wilton Manors Anti-Dispensary Law

Florida Cannabis Consultant’s own Norm Kent has published an opinion piece about Wilton Manor’s proposed anti-dispensary law.  It has been published in the South Florida Gay News.

CLICK HERE to read the full article.

Questions of Corruption and Politics Surround Florida’s Medical Cannabis Licenses

Alternet has published an incredibly thorough and detailed examination of questions related to how Florida has awarded licenses to cultivate and dispense high-CBD cannabis.  The article is a condemnation of how Gov. Rick Scott’s administration has handled the process, and suggests that the licenses have been handed  out to politically connected entities with questionable qualifications.

There are allegations that some license holders, such as Surterra Therapeutics, have engaged in misrepresentation and plagiarism in their applications.  There is also an interesting examination of the political contributions and connections of several license holders.

As the vote on Amendment 2 approaches and the possibility of a much larger medical marijuana market is on the horizon, articles like the one published in Alternet are extremely important in determining how fair the dispensary licensing process is.  Will politicians continue to put profit before patients?

If you have an interest in how Florida is implementing its medical cannabis system, as a patient or an entrepreneur, then you really should read the Alternet article.

You can CLICK HERE to read the full article.