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New 2016 Medical Marijuana Petition Here

-News from NORML of Florida

Hi All-

Here is a link to the Medical Marijuana petition. If you have not signed a petition since the election of November 2014, you need to sign this new one.

Please print as many as you can, have them filled in by friends, family, co-workers, etc, and remember to have them signed and dated on the back. As with the last petition, the signers must be registered voters in Florida. If you know someone who is not a registered voter and who cannot figure out how to register, assuming the person is eligible to vote, connect us and I will help.

Once again, if you go out to collect petitions it asks for name, address with city, zip code and county (not state or country) and either voter registration number, if available, OR date of birth. There is a box that can be checked to change the voter’s address to a new one, if needed. Please ask folks to print their information legibly.

If you need the petitions picked up, reach out to me and we will arrange it, but if you can mail them in, the mailing address is on the back of the petition.

Together we can change the law, but we need these petitions to be able to move forward.

2016 Medical Marijuana Petition

Karen Seeb Goldstein, Director
NORML of Florida

Medical marijuana loses to entrepreneurial greed

Medical Marijuana

Well, this is Florida. The rules are different here.

Where else can you win a race with 58% of the vote and lose the election?

Only here, of course.

Here’s the thing. We have a process in Florida that allows citizens to amend the constitution of our state by popular referendum. It requires, however, that you must get 60% of the vote in order to change the law. A simple majority is not enough.

Consequently, even though the majority of Floridians voted last night to allow patients access to marijuana medicinally, by a vote of 58 % to 42 %, the numbers were not overwhelming enough to change our laws. Nevertheless, it was the third highest medical use vote ever recorded in America, surpassed only by Massachusetts with 64% and Washington, D.C. with 68%.

To continue reading this column, please go to: Sun Sentinel.

Broward Sheriff Remains Neutral on Medical Marijuana

The loudest critics of medical cannabis are often those in the law enforcement community.  In fact, it should come as no surprise that the Florida Sheriff’s Association has officially come out against Amendment 2.

However, the Sheriff of Florida’s second most populous county has not taken the hardline stance against medical pot that his colleagues in other parts of the State have.  In a recent interview, Broward County Sheriff, Scott Israel, said that he would not take a position on the issue and would leave it up to the voters to decide.  Sheriff Israel is quoted as saying:

My position is: I’m an executive. I’m with the executive branch of government. I’m not a legislator. I believe the whole issue should go to the people. I think the people get it right more times than we do, and whatever the people do, we’ll enforce those laws.  I think this is something that’s left to the people of the state of Florida

Sheriff Israel went on to say that he still hadn’t yet decided whether he would personally vote for or against the measure.

Pot smokers out of hiding as marijuana becomes accepted


When 64 percent of voters in Miami Beach in a straw ballot said they would support medical marijuana in Miami Beach last week, it was no surprise.

Pot smokers may not wear rainbow flags, but they have finally come out of the closet.

For forty years, since early in the 1970’s, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws has been fighting to change repressive and regressive laws against the responsible use of cannabis by consenting adults.

The truth is the ‘war on drugs’ was never a war on drugs. It was a war on good and decent people, whose only crime was smoking a joint at the end of the day.

Most Americans have always known the horror stories about pot consumption were delusional hallucinations by cowardly politicians afraid to be seen as ‘soft on dope.’

NORML is winning the battle today because a raised consciousness amongst Americans realizes they can trust themselves more than their government.

This new awakening is why in 21 states where citizens have been asked if they want pot to be decriminalized, they have resoundingly said ‘yes.’ It is why current Gallup polls have showed nearly 60 percent of Americans wants pot legalized.

It isn’t because we are all stoners, though many of us are. It is because we as Americans are fed up with the lies and laws our legislators have passed and prosecuted. Over four decades, we have empowered our government to create draconian drug laws that compromised our civil liberties and sacrificed common sense.

They have enacted statutes allowing our sons and daughters to be jailed, our cars to be seized, and our scholarships to be forfeited. In certain places, moms and dads can still lose custody of their kids because they are caught smoking pot. It is an outrage and injustice Americans can no longer endure or countenance.

The only reason Miami Beach even agreed to a straw ballot is we showed them 8,000 petitions we had signed by residents supporting a special vote to make pot arrests the lowest priority of law enforcement. The public is always one step ahead of the politician.

Today, though, from Miami Beach to Maine, from Seattle to South Florida, we are saying ‘Free the Leaf.’ It’s not just to get high. There are valid medical and curative reasons to support normalizing marijuana.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans who were living with HIV learned years ago medical cannabis enhanced their appetite and inhibited a ‘wasting away’ syndrome. Others, like Elvy Mussika, a grandmother from Hollywood, Florida, who gets monthly prescriptions of cannabis from the DEA, found out pot can retard glaucoma and cataracts.

Scientists in Israel have discovered cannabis can control muscular spasticity and arthritic conditions amongst the elderly. One housewife in Manatee County, Cathy Jordan, has used cannabis for a quarter of a century to combat Lou Gehrig’s Disease. She grows her own in her backyard, and an enlightened prosecutor has declined to prosecute her, acknowledging her use is a ‘life-saving condition.’

Baby boomers from the 1960’s are now in their 60’s. For those of us who smoked joints watching Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix, we have seen an America supplicate itself to pharmaceutical companies who gave us a sea of prescription pills which have led to multi million dollar class action lawsuits and premature deaths from unanticipated consequences. None of us have ever died from weed. But we have all been victims of the war against it.

Still, it does no good to enter an era of recrimination. As we approach an age of decriminalization and even legalization, let me just say ‘welcome.’ If you support reform now, and you have not before, thanks for joining a good cause.

In Florida, an effort has been launched to place medical marijuana on next year’s ballot as a constitutional amendment. If the signature requirements are met, you will get to vote on it. Like every other state where people vote on cannabis, it will pass, with cross-sectional support in both red and blue counties. Pot has only one party.

Support those communities that want to legalize and medicalize cannabis, and you will be on the right side of history, part of a community wrongfully denied a voice and now, finally, after all these years, rightfully being recognized.

“I’m Going To Prison For Working At A Pot Shop That Was Legal In My State”

Robert Duncan thought he could comply with all the laws in California and start an honest dispensary. He wound up facing a two year prison sentence. has been created to help you avoid the pitfalls of entering a profession where all is not yet legal, and much is still risky. Our expertise will guide you through the rules and regulations as they are developed.

Here is Robert’s story:

Robert Duncan moved from Los Angeles to Northern California in 2010 to manage marijuana growing operations for a collective of medical marijuana dispensaries. Although California voters legalized medical cannabis more than 17 years ago, the plant remains illegal under federal law, and the Obama administration launched a renewed crackdown on marijuana in California in 2011.

That October, Duncan’s grow house was raided. A few months later, U.S. Attorney Benjamin Wagner indicted him and others involved in the dispensary business on the grounds that it had grown too large. Despite California’s struggle with prison overcrowding, and despite new federal guidelines that say size should no longer be considered in prosecution decisions, Duncan, 31, was sentenced to two years in prison. He is scheduled to report to Mendota Federal Correctional Institution near Fresno, Calif., on Monday afternoon. Read more at the Huffington Post…

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