After a seemingly never-ending series of delays, lawsuits and other road blocks, the first delivery of medical cannabis under the Charlotte’s Web law has taken place.  This past week, a patient in Hudson, Florida legally received cannabis from the State’s first dispensary, Trulieve in Tallahassee.

Granted, the number of patients who qualify under the Charlotte’s Web law is quite limited and for most of them only low-THC cannabis is available.  However, this is still another important step in the path to sensible marijuana laws in Florida.  Another brick in the wall of prohibition has been chipped away.

So, the question is .. “Now What?”

Well, first and foremost, we will see the system for registering patients, certifying doctors and establishing dispensing organizations continue to develop and evolve.  There are currently only a handful of doctors who have completed the necessary class for certification to recommend cannabis.  But more are being added every day.  There is also only one dispensing organization actively distributing cannabis, but four more have been granted licenses and are working towards being operational.  The law has been modified to allow for more dispensing organizations as the patient pool expands.

The most notable event remaining on the horizon is the November 8th election.  On that date, Floridians will be given a second chance to pass a much broader medical cannabis law that will allow patients suffering from a much wider group of ailments to access marijuana legally.  If that measure passes, the face of medical cannabis will change drastically in the state.

So, this week’s developments show that we continue to move in the right direction, but there is still work that remains to be done as we work to knock down the wall of prohibition.