Floridians have always taken pride in having one of the nation’s best supermarket chains.  Publix usually enjoys a wonderful reputation based on its clean, well-stocked stores and its high level of customer service.  In fact, Publix recently placed second in a Consumer Reports ranking of all supermarkets nationwide.  Plus, their chicken fingers are the perfect remedy for a case of the munchies!

However, recent political contributions by Publix heiress, Carol Jenkins Barnett, is causing many advocates of medical marijuana to reconsider their support for this Florida grocery behemoth.  Ms. Barnett recently donated $800,000 to help fund the anti-medical marijuana campaign in Florida.  This donation comes as Floridians prepare to head to the polls for a crucial second chance vote to legalize medical cannabis.  It will  no doubt be used by anti-pot groups to fund advertising, which has been controversial for its dubious claims about the “dangers” of allowing legal access to patients.

So, next time you find yourself with the munchies, think about Ms. Barnett and consider Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s or  another one of the shopping options available in our state.