The town of Wilton Manors, FL may have started as a working class suburb to Fort Lauderdale, but in recent years it has developed into one of the most progressive cities in the state.  It’s large LGBTQ population has generally brought with it a more tolerant view on most issues.

However, that openness might not extend to the use of medical cannabis.  The Wilton Manors City Commission has started the process of passing an ordinance that would strictly limit the presence of medical marijuana dispensaries in the city.  Specifically, the proposed law would prohibit cannabis dispensaries from locating within 1000 feet of schools, daycares, churches, and other locations.  This buffer zone would effectively eliminate dispensaries from all but a few locations  in the city.

The law also places restrictions on when dispensaries may be open (no later than 6pm and closed on Sundays).  It also requires twice daily trash removal  and “odor filtration” systems.  Additionally, the law seeks to prohibit certain “offensive” words in the business names used by dispensaries, such as “ganja”, “pot”, “weed”, etc.

It still remains to be seen whether this ordinance will pass, but it is likely to be one of many similar laws that will  pop up around the state as medical marijuana continues its march towards legalization.